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Professional Development Workshop: Public Speaking to Advance Your Career

March 26, 2019
4:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Nemours Home Office
10150 Centurion Parkway North
Jacksonville, FL 32259
http://Check in at the front desk and they will direct you to the Carillon Rooms. You will need your ID to get a badge.

Public speaking — no matter how much it may intimidate you — is an impressive skill that can help one-up your professional game. Come to PRSA’s March meeting to learn how to build and refine this valuable skill.

Kristi Dosh is an experienced PR and marketing leader who often speaks publicly to those in the same field. At this meeting, she’ll share tips on how to position yourself or your business as the expert in your niche, whether you're preparing for a presentation, pitching new clients, or setting yourself up for a career move. If you’re a seasoned public speaker, join us to gain new ideas to freshen up your routine. If you need the basics to build confidence for future opportunities, come take that step! 

About our Speaker:

Kristi Dosh is a former practicing attorney who transformed her career through blogging and social media to become a nationally-recognized sports business analyst (the "SportsBizMiss") with outlets such as Forbes and ESPN. Since then, she’s written for nearly two dozen national publications, given dozens of keynote speeches across the country, and written two nonfiction books. 

She currently works as a publicist for professionals and online entrepreneurs. “I love helping people step into their expertise and showing them all of the opportunities to get more visible and grow their businesses," she said.